Saturday, December 16, 2017


We hear often about schisms and isms in the religious world.  Much forecasting as to the Second Coming and the end times springs forth from variational voices.  Some might be true.  Others might be partially true.  While, yet, a portion of the spiritual predictions may simply be made up. 

I introduce Compensationalism which is a much needed doctrine for every style of religion, every division of churches, and every direction of all relationships.  Compensationalism is Bible-based and Jesus promoted and Spirit backed.  We can't do without it...but, oh, how we try.

Compensationalism (yes, a word I created) is the doctrine of compensating for the flaws in others...all others.  When it opens our hearts in love it shuts our mouths in criticism for we know we have a work to carry out in the Kingdom Force.  That would be to forgive sinners...exactly like ourselves.

We are to practice what Jesus preached.

Ours is a strain to come to grips with our lack and failure.  Living in perpetual comparison, we have a self-centered knack of always coming out better than others around us...especially those who sin.  We note their flaws and our strengths and, wa la, we are the good ones.  They (we quietly surmise) should know better.

We are to practice what Jesus preached.

The Word of God is clear that we each set the parameters of our Court Date at the Judgment.  How we harbor ills or relinquish them is His measure for us.  This is an earth-shaker to our haughty tendencies.  Those who go to church lean toward feeling we are better.  Yet, those who don't participate know who the real good guy is.  This is the mistaken doctrine of Comparisonlism which leads to the false doctrine of Compenstaionalism.

We are to practice what Jesus preached.

Carry your own cross.  Die for those who have let you down in huge disappointment.  And rise up to a new kind of love.  We.  Need.  This.  From.  Us.

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