Monday, December 18, 2017


It seems, historically speaking, that every generation of mankind is sorta lulled to sleep by discovery.  I mean there is a tendency on the part of those who have little interest in imagination and adventure to believe that the latest great finding about wraps it up.  What's left in life, they believe, is to live it out the best we can.  We've hit the ultimate of ultimate findings and now let's be about preservation.

But not true of God nor His creative drive.  He's brilliant.  He's genius.  He's full of endearing surprises.

Edwin Friedman comments, when Columbus discovered America in 1492, that many in
Europe were astonished that God had been hiding His biggest piece of earth-property all these many centuries.  They were fascinated that all along there had been....more...much, much indescribable...more.  Oklahoma had been found...eventually!

Think about it.  Since 1492, what sort of adventure has been found in the Discovery Lane of being human?  Electronics?  Baseball?  Medicine?  Radio?  Baseball?  Surgeries?  Monopoly?Automobiles?  The Statue of Liberty?  Planes?  Movies?  Contacts?  Phones?  Baseball?  Printing presses?  Microphones?  Eye drops?  Scrabble?  The Wheel of Fortune?  Cape Canaveral?  Sewing machines?  Putt-Putt?  Electric Drills?  Hearing aids?  Telescopes?  On and on and then....on the grand list goes.

Just what else might God be hiding?  Ah, that's where the heart is free to dream and the mind to wonder for we know it's out there!  I love God's eternal salvation truth.  And, along with it, I love His capacity to show us a type of living right now that is daring, freeing, and always escalating. 

Imagine...just imagine...what all God has accomplished already that we can't even (and won't ever) fathom.  And then add to that the powerful truth that more is yet to come because much more is out there.  It's like we are always living in the gasping of  1492 all over again!

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