Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Encouragement is in demand.  You need it.  I thrive on it.  We love it.  Think about it...the reason we need it is because we are peppered with the opposite.  Everywhere we turn...or perhaps every time we turn...discouragement pokes us in the eye.  This pattern is draining.

But I say to you to hunt for current reasons to be cheerful and focus upon them.  Delight is the nature of a believer.  Some of you reading are very ill, others lonely from a death, and yet others are scared as you read from your lonely prison cell.  I know you.  Life is hard.

And God says what?  Be of good cheer.  Why?  Because not every moment is such without our intentional insertion of choosing to be happy.  And...the good news is we can do this.  Really...the better news is that we are already doing it!

Being encouraged isn't some sort of fake Pollyanna smiley-faced pretender.  No, to be encouraged is to be determined to not let mishaps have permission to run your show.  We hit those pesky moments of urrrghhhravation--ah, a great new word--but we must not let them set the course of our day.  Bad stuff doesn't own us.

Not.  Ever.

Count your blessings.  Pray for those who are being challenged to find even one.  And, know that you are more important than you can ever imagine.  Be encouraged...I only know awesome people...and you just happen to be one of them!!

Merry ChristmUS!!!  (Ooooh, that was a good one.)

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