Sunday, October 08, 2017


There are no exceptions.  Every individual possesses a strong element of insecurity.  You can believe it, we've all got it and it's a heavy burden.  It's been a major battle for me; an inner war.  As strange as it sounds, this awareness has been the key that I use to reach to others.  I know no one, nor do I meet anyone, who is not riddled with inhibitions.  No.  One.

I am able to be outgoing because I became confident that far too many people are incarcerated within their own minds.  I was jailed myself and still seem to hand over the keys to the jailers who want to self-criticize and self-judge.  Yet, I must not.  And, you must not.

So, the question is how one goes about transferring insecurities to confidence?  We believe the Spirit in us carries His traits of love and joy for one reason.  We are to bear His fruit IN us TOWARD others.  IN us.  TOWARD others.  His fruit, us, and others....if one element is missing the world will go untouched from within our residence.

We gain confidence; but never in ourselves.  I learned through failure and weakness to risk in order to reach.  Each of us has our gifts that would thrust us into the mix of those intimidating interactive moments with neighbors and associates.  It isn't that some are gifted to reach and that some are not.

All are gifted; but it's just that our gifts are different.

Some are able to reach to others by sending a note.  Others bake cookies while, yet, others offer invitations to cook-outs.  Me?  I have many avenues but one of my easiest gifts is humor (and even there I run into many who don't think I'm funny.  Go figure).  Yesterday I was leaving the house and noticed a new couple; a young man and his girlfriend standing in a neighboring driveway as he evidently was the new owner. 

Suddenly, this idea just came over me.  I pulled over, lowered my window, and the craziest words came out.  Hi!  I'm Terry!  Are you the new owners of this cute house?  Welcome to the area!  You'll love it here!  You need to know that I'm the "main neighbor" of everybody around!

Whaaaat?  Where'd that come from? was funny and all of us laughed, smiled, connected, and they are awesome!  And, do you get it?  Who welcomes first-timers with those words?  I never know the right things to say.  I just know that others need welcoming as clutsey as my words may flow.

So it is with you; with all of us.  None of us are professional greeters, reachers, welcomers, etc.  Not.  One.  Of.  Us.  What we can do is to train our insecurities to serve us as we hesitantly try to reach to others...for that is precisely the direction Jesus would take each of us.

Our Him...and never....not one ourselves.

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