Saturday, October 07, 2017


Waste is a terrible word.  There is far too much wonder within every person's heart...and reach...and scope to waste our breath-life in anger, resentment, or even bold hatred toward any person. 

There are at least two significant reasons that we should not waste our life.  For one, such an exertion drains us of productivity in other regions.  Our mis-attention dis-affects our hearts.  To be sour toward another person becomes the DNA of our day whether we see it (believe it) or not.

Second, whatever it is that we despise of another is blatant proclamation that we are just like them.  Romans 2:1-8 pulls me off to the side of my Critical High-Way every time.  Is wrong still wrong?  Is sin still sin?  Yep!  Yes!  Affirmative!

The revelation, however, is that this is not a "they" circumstance; but is also an "I" one just as clearly.  Therefore, when "we" realize this about all of "us", "we" are on target to value life; not waste it.

When we join the ranks of admitted sinners, we join the family of being viable help to all as we are drawn into the wonderful, and true, participation of bearing Holy Spirit fruit.  It is His love and joy, and peace and patience that must, should, and will come through. 

Why?  Because the distraction in front of us is too large for us to tackle from the human will.  Don't waste your life despising another when you are precisely packaged the very same way.  Thus, the demand from God that we permit the His Spirit to enter

Happy Day!  We are all alike.  There is no exception.  Therefore, make your life count by attending, rescuing, cheering, and encouraging others all day today!!

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