Saturday, January 14, 2017


Mediocrity hits us from all sides of life.  Name the topic of your moment and take note as to how much playing-life-safe while walking down the middle of the road is your lifestyle.  Our spiritual side has been knocked for a loop over this trend which seems so natural and is so acceptable.  This takes no thought, no Bible reading, no prayer, no serving.  To merely exist by what we deem our best behavior (well, most of the time, we tell ourselves) is a popular trend that does not offer inner life for us, but outer disgust with others.

I reference lost and saved as conditions of our eternal souls.  Such is profoundly a matter of deep importance for to live in mediocrity is never where Jesus lived.  Neither will it prove of value to our own lifestyle.  Such is a fake front that we, somehow, try to convince ourselves is the place to be.

To believe that one is fairly lost has a bit of baggage clinging to us.  From this we seem to admit that, okay, there are some things we get wrong here and there; but we aren't like those who blatantly live in sin.  We regard ourselves as no saints; but not like them.

Jesus destroyed such self-centered efforts at our self-induced need to somehow come out on top of the one next to us....that we don't like.  This method allows that because we can always, in our way of thinking, find those who are worse; much worse indeed.

What immediately follows this rerouting of our blatant sinfulness by denying that we are THAT bad, is a very mediocre confidence that we are saved.  This develops a HOPE SO; but not a certainty that Heaven will call our names.  As a matter of fact, these are pretty sure that He won't; but we refuse to drop the ax that we so enjoy filing to batter someone(s) we know.

So what's the answer?  Mediocrity is no way to live in the church; bossed by our moods and pushed by our preferences.  The answer is found in be in the truthful extremes of both.  We are very lost; each of us.  The ugliness of the Cross does not indicate that Jesus is paying for parking tickets.  No, he's covering for something my/your terrible sinfulness.

Salvation, then, becomes a different matter of the heart.  When we are covered at the very worst about us, we are able to believe that we will receive the very best for us.  And, again I stress, this isn't just about the Judgment Day; but this is about how we live among one another now.

Axes to grind?  Bless your heart.  You don't get the self-picture do you?  I didn't for the longest time for I was operating from the FAIRLY LOST/SORTA SAVED position that routine religion supplies.  But it won't cut it for us.  This is no way to live...for it isn't real living.  Walking in comparison is Fools Gold of the heart.  Surrendering our personal awfuls for His cleanliness is hitting life in target center.

We are right with God because Jesus' righteousness was transferred to our the greatest gift.  Dare to remove the wrappings and enjoy!

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