Friday, January 13, 2017


Our nation is in a world of enormous opportunity!  There is great need among the citizens, firm ideas among some noted as leaders, and possibility of success as far as minds dare imagine.  For politicians and guys like myself in spiritual leadership, we must abort any habitual divisive ways and renew our vows to do all we can to bring people together by the strength of God's Spirit.

Churches are divided and then splits exist among the dividees.  Politics, it seems in places, has become so uncooperatively political in significant pockets.  In both cases we are operating largely from sound-bites more than from deep thought for the community which could very much benefit from both systems' kindnesses and compassions.  Goodness reigns from both groups; yet the negative seems to get the news coverage and the coffee shop chatter.

Whether to blame preachers most or should it be the politicians for our diametrically opposed camps could be the same a discussing which came first; the chicken or the egg.  One reason that I choose to point this out is that Jesus calls us to life and both of these dimensions have surrendered vibrant living for winning debates; political or religious.

The way we will be effective in drawing a divided people together is for us to get out of the way.  The Jesus-style is the winner; but recall his very own people marked him as loser and strung him up in public shame.  The mid-day sunshine went completely dark when Jesus died on the cross.  The message from Heaven was obvious; You have just killed the light.

Society will gain ground, meaningful territory reclaimed, when we in the spirituals and in the governmentals can walk humbly with God and with one another.  To think of others first is still a long-shot in some churches and in some circles of government.  Those who have and are succeeding have done so only by the holy route Jesus proclaimed.

Our nation is always more effectively led when shouting matches are disbanded and soft-ball teams are formed.  Bias, if it isn't based on truth, is an immediate loser regardless of our newsreel preference.  Personal preference must make effort to yield to Truth; not a Bible-pounding, obnoxious scripture-spouting proof-texts, but new life for those worn and ground down to dust from discouragement who would very much benefit from our sacrificial love.

We have the means to make a difference!  Caring about neighbors and enemies would be a stunning new beginning, possibly, for a large populace.  Determining to pray for God's touch rather than parade our opinions would be a significant step forward.  Lifting our eyes beyond our immediate preferences just might thrill the tar out of us as we would discover a new land out there that we didn't know existed.

I know this; the more we give ourselves away for the benefit of others, the more we are likely to discover the life of which we had always dreamed.  That's a Jesus thing....Luke 9:23-24.

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