Friday, December 23, 2016


Life is to be fascinating, don't you agree?  I mean it is so very awesome that everyone wishes that it wouldn't end.  Some experiences surely could stop; but living has been held dear to the heart for...oh...generations now.

I think one of my favorite things about God's system is that we become younger as we get older.  I know, such isn't true about our bodies, it seems.  But it is true about our spirits; our ability to imagine, to create, to wonder, to....believe.

Faith increases day by day.  A very impressive factor about God is the legitimate push-back that He wants us to possess when stresses press in.  Try not to dismiss faith because you read of the sea parting or the walls falling in days of yonder year.  There just isn't that much need today for the Mississippi to separate.  But there is need of God's intervention in our practical day to day living.

And He lives to do so.

Fundamental church isn't about impressive Hollywood productions at a worship service.  Neither is it about continual commercials of raising funds.  Both have significant places, but church is about seeing what can't possibly happen....happen.  If not careful, we are surrendering the masterful arm of God for man's best creativity when we gather in large crowds.

What we want to know is whether God can make a difference as we face questions, dilemmas, and confusion.  Does God care?  Will He inject Himself into our matters?  How will that look if He does?

Faith is legitimate because we believe two things.  We believe He is and we believe that He can.  Our God has strength and avails such for our walk,  Dare to believe that people and circumstance can adjust for the good of themselves and for others.  Wake up to a breathing faith.  Shed the habitual routine of motion-going which is deadening to the imagination.

Try not to be filled with fret and worry.  Rather try to reverse the course and pray effectively that Father knows how and will redesign both obstacle and interference. \Let your speech be of confidence; not of doubt.  Count Him in.  Glean from the Bible His artistic and creative methods of breaking into common ground.

Your world is subject to His blessing.  Look like it.  Thank about it.  Live with it.  Church isn't theory nor is it in mere existence.  Church is people and these people believe God is active when we are purely clueless.  So how about we set aside our controlling cluelessness and permit Father's profound

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