Thursday, December 22, 2016


The usual take on living happily ever after seems to be based upon success.  How relationships are panning out or the size of one's bank account appear to be barometers to our spirit's weather; up one day and down the next.  After awhile we seem to lose control of our day's destiny as we shift into being bossed by moods...our...own...moods.

I find that it takes incredible intentionality to live undistracted.  Hurtful words and wounding events present themselves non-stop.  So much breaks down either in front of us or within us.  Can we escape such deeply-rutted patterns?

Yes, I think so.

Frustration results from trying to live from illusive fleshly control.  Relief comes to the very same person when switching over to spiritual control.  We strongly lean toward the former and when bad things happen we may immediately seek another to blame. However, as we grow toward the relief, there is a discovery of living in sympathy, partnership, and sharing with others as never experienced on any other level.

What is meant by fleshly control?  Involved in the concept is effort to get others to behave the way we want.  When others don't say what we had hoped, live the way we had wished, or choose a style we prefer, tension grows within because the flesh firmly intends to be the boss.

Living from the spiritual is regarded by the flesh as vague and non-sensical.  To be patient or joyful or forgiving when offended is regarded by the fleshly as weak. Truthfully, it's just the opposite; a fullness of strength that the flesh can't pull off.

My wish for all is that each could experience abundant life.  This is a possibility from God.  Jesus taught that we are to have life and have it abundantly.  My call is to dissolve the misery that hunts us down at every turn.  There are no exceptions.  We all have it.  But we must stop it.  Think from the spiritual side.  Begin to believe in people; even those who disappoint.

The great thing about all people is that we can all change.  Our past of negativities? Not one of us escapes the label; no not one.  Poised for potential and possibility?  Not one of us is unqualified to experience the wow of it.

If you could use a big break, you might give any obsessive negative thinking a rest. Ponder the right and the excellent and the lovely...for these are all around.  God says that when we shift our minds to the spiritual a very unusual peace begins to fill our hearts...Philippians 4:4-9.

May we refuse to allow thoughtless attention to distractions rule our days.  Rather, may we operate in the abundance of real living which God has always intended for each of us.

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