Saturday, November 05, 2016


I never saw it coming.  I mean the very idea that I could be a part of church...and like it?  For me, Sunday church was the low point of every week.  Disengaging.  Incredible slowing of time (just how long can an hour last?).  Rigid.  Oh, and did I mention boring like in "bored out of my mind"?

Church, I discovered, is 24/7 and the most exciting venue upon earth...and tied directly to heaven.  Rules stagnate church.  Jesus redefines it.  After all, it is he alone who is the head of it.  We churchers are members of his body...which roams earth to this day.  Our goal is the same as was his: (1) draw absolute attention to Father, and (2) give sacrificial attention to people.

Today, as was true back in Jesus day, the religious world is dramatically divided into two opposing camps; (1) those who live to energize neighbors, friends, and even enemies, or (2) those who live to see that the church system and organization are functioning upon all of the "right" cylinders.  The former risks life-giving vulnerability to try to serve while the latter hides in a spirit-killing religious orthodoxy.

I completely understand the hiding part for that's how I was in the beginning of ministry.  I was programmed to be sure that I taught Bible facts precisely as God intended, while highly intimidated by the encountering of the public.  I was one who found safety by hiding behind a public pulpit.  But people?  Only my friends were my calling.  Strangers were not my forte.

But Jesus wouldn't support my self-designed church structure; although I certainly had a lot of church company in refusing to look for others who needed encouragement about the nature and Spirit of God.  I was hiding behind my church laws as they kept me comfortably at bay from interacting with...with people.  Hmmm, exactly where Jesus clashed daily with the intensely getter-done-right Pharisees.

The church is a people-place where people encourage people about the dynamics of Father, Son, and Spirit.  The church is more than proper rules and detailed organization.  It has a gigantic and sacrificial heart for the hurting, for the lonely, for all who are trying to do life while feeling completely lost.

In the beginning I had a knack for Truth and for inspiration.  But I found, it seemed, legal excuses as to how I could be peopleless in my walk with God.  This won't work because it isn't His calling.

So you.  Are you a part of the church, as was I, to mark your check-list of attendances? Or are you given to the call of Jesus to believe that what isn't yet can become as well as offering words of hope to the many who haven't heard a good word in ages?  May we break open to the common person(s) in our midst that these might hear a message of incredibly Good News coming from our formerly shy lips.  We can do this.

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