Tuesday, December 15, 2015


No man (or woman) is an island.  But somehow we may have gotten the idea that picking YOURself up by your boot straps is an individual survival mode....that of the fittest, the sharpest, or the top dog in the pound.

It seems that our culture may be bent on individual accomplishment rather than group success.  Have we groaned to win?  To finish at the top?  Alone?  Singularly?  Ahead of all others?

Maybe so for a few.  One thing is true; every person's steam finally evaporates and plans have a way of fading into yesterday's yesterday.  Muscles lose their tone.  Faces sag.  Minds scramble.  And schedules testify that we aren't too fit for bossy calendars.

The good news is that we must not be driven to loneliness; but rather do something about it.  That something is to gain reliance upon the Spirit of God for He surely is present to do for us what we cannot possibly do for ourselves.

Larry Crabb points us in the Spirit direction when we are to be reminded of the power of connection with others:

When we do require that our involvement generate an effect, we usurp the Holy Spirit's role and usually find ourselves in the middle of a power struggle.  The central calling of community is to connect, not disrupt, to release something powerful from within one person into the life of another that calls forth the goodness in another's heart.  And the work of God's Spirit in helping us overcome the obstacles to connecting (wrong agendas like adequacy, confidence, safety, and satisfaction) provides rich opportunities for uniquely powerful connecting.  

If one is star, a team is a meteor shower!

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