Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Every distinctive segment of society (race, religion, etc.) faces similar stresses.  We pretend we are doing okay while there is the constant sense that our eggshell sidewalks are increasingly temporary.

Our problem of the moment is solved by the eternal.

Mankind has gone deaf to the call of God; partly because ministers/followers like me have shouted at our neighbors as a dog barks at a passing car.  Even when our voices grow louder, ears have been trained to ignore.

This is a devastating blow to men, women, and children.  This tide of indifference must be turned back.  Those of us in the hunt for encouraging the world must...simply must...continue to seek those spiritual tools which would break down some very bold barriers.

Jesus is always the way.  There is no other answer nor another solution.  Jesus was perfect in his demeanor, his approach, and his outlook.  He stood for the fatigued and the disadvantaged while brashly against the self-serving religious leaders.  Read your Bibles.  The Book is all about the underdog becoming victorious.

We, mankind, must awaken to more than getting through our days.  We must set aside our religious snobbery of useless infighting and open ourselves to the bigger (much brighter) picture; a wonderful but lost people who are tired of pretending that they are all right when, truthfully, they are terrified to die for fear there is not an eternal tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

Kent and I spent most of our lives within the autonomous churches of Christ…

We also spent many years believing some variation of, "we may not have a monopoly on the entire truth about Jesus, but members-of-the-church are the only group we see who are striving to be 'first century christians'."

….and for the past two decades have lived in areas where the majority of people have never heard of that group of churches.

And we found that the people surrounding us have no life experience similar to singing with instrumental music [or not], taking a ceremonial bread and grape juice weekly, meeting with like-minded people three times per week in "the building", or meeting together to listen to males read from our sacred writings and then expound on the meaning of those writings...

People around us do, though, have life experience similar to day to day search for meaning, purpose, and truth.

It was a difficult pattern to dismantle in ourselves….and, as you said, Jesus is the only way to break through barriers in ourselves first, then in people around us, second.