Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Everyone wants to know God.

Everyone wants to abide in Heaven forevermore.

Everyone, sometime(s) along the way, has deep desires to learn about the true reality of our spiritual nature.

Just as there were those who reached to me, and as there were those who reached to you, we must never forget to carry the torch of God to others.  This is more than a life/and/death issue.  It is a matter of eternal reality.

Today's emphasis in this writing is EVERYONE.  We are to be reachers toward our friends; even our enemies.  We are to be merciful to these as God has been/is to us. EVERYONE needs our love and kindness/His love and kindness.

They don't need our criticism.  Neither do these need our religious snobbery.  Very good people, adored by many, are worthy of patience and long-suffering on our part. Others extended grace to us and we are to, therefore, share in like manner.  We love to get such opportunities.

There is not the exception nor the exemption.  EVERYONE hits those moments when they (even in their most private moments) wonder if this God-stuff could be real.  It is. These are valuable, wonderful, and highly important.  So it is our role to believe that EVERYONE wants to know God.

May we help one another find Him!!

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