Wednesday, May 20, 2015


For those engaged in life's stream who feel deeply attentive, we must ever be on guard against letting a molecule of God's brilliance slip by.  Yet, how shall we not do anything but fail?  He is so beyond description.  His works are as well.

I direct your attention to two very valuable words; words which one can easily dismiss, yet deserve sober consideration.  Flexible and vulnerable have an ability to offer serious threat.  Flexible betrays at times our clarion call to take a stand.  And few that I know are thrilled about being vulnerable.

The first calls for ready adjustment.  The latter calls for risk.  Both betray comfort.  I personally would rather not find myself, especially in front of others, uncomfortable.

Flexible and vulnerable are heavy duty words needed in every church leader and every Jesus follower.  John 3:8 insists upon flexibility and the Cross commands vulnerability.  If we are failing in the church, these two culprits need to be evaluated.

Flexibility keeps us young in the System of God's hand.  We are able to make adjustments, admit some of our doctrines have been wrong, and reframe our practice of discipleship.  Age seems to deter flexibility unless intentional effort is made to stay loose.  Community churches know this; they see our age.  And most likely these congregations will find themselves aging unless they really focus on the flexibility of the Spirit.

Vulnerability is where we draw the line.  Yes, we regard ourselves devoted.  Too, we have so much to cover we don't need the nonsense of serving in areas that make us targets for weakness or even failure.  Oh, this is a grand mistake.

Vulnerability finds self no longer in control.  The church, very mistakenly and very costly, has trained her members to hold tight to the power.  Egos expand when control is issued and fulfilled.  We like being in the say and in the know.  Vulnerability sets us on edge where our emotions and inadequacies are poised for scrutiny.

Jesus was both of these.  So was Peter.  So was Paul.  So was anyone who followed God.

There is no escaping the great need in our day.  Scholars are valued.  Missionaries are brave.  Attributes of praise can and do go so many appropriate directions.  Yet, without flexibility and vulnerability being exercised, the church cannot win against this lack.

The kingdom of God will always call us to adjust as well as risk....regardless of our pet druthers.

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