Friday, April 03, 2015


I will skip the careful wording and proper appeal toward you this morning.  I'm going to just come out with it.  What makes me tick?  You.

You do.

Some of those on the receiving end of this blog, I know.  Most of you, I don't.  But I'm really happy that we get to connect.

Every morning I sit at this blank screen and try to think of what to say that would be meaningful to your heart.  What do you need?  What does God want you to hear?  My burden is strong and my love for God loving you/me is stronger.

My heart yearns for your life.  Questions nip at my heart constantly with concern for you.  Are you doing well; feeling well?  Are you receiving encouragement?  Are you being mistreated, ignored, abused?  All of this goes on behind closed doors or out on Main Street.  And...I want to be a voice to cheer you on.

You are worthy of profound life!

What I want to say to you--oh there are so many things--is that you should be in constant awareness that any bad things coming your way can be transformed into a special fuel that ultimately blesses your life.  Nothing is a waste to those who trust God; even the painful stuff.

My heart yearns for those in public eye and those in meager settings.  None can give accurate estimation to the value of self.  Jesus died as God was saying, I'll trade Me for you.

Too many intentionally end their lives through tragic suicide.  The greater frustration to me is that the masses end their lives in another fashion; these quit trying and just accept depletion of life as life.  This can, should, and must change.

Yes, I'll say that God is the answer.  Man has excused himself into unhappiness and motivational lethargy by mocking God and those who love Him.  But this is a dead-end. There's the suicide while remaining upright.  It is still a dead....end.

I'm not big enough nor smart enough to be very persuasive.  Yet, I urge any who are weary of nagging life to trade this for robust energetic life in Jesus.  If you want to know how, I'm one who would surely be willing to visit about it; is a private place to talk.

I love you much....really.  You are more valuable than you can imagine.  Even your fans can't fathom the trophy God sees in you.  Do not be afraid.  If you've been closed, open yourself to Him.  He will lead you into a world of great wonder!

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