Thursday, April 16, 2015


Have you ever noticed that not many people we know are perfect?

Even those who are closest to us have significant glitches, or did you not notice?

But what I like about people is that every person I know or will meet are brilliant; absolutely and undeniably so.

Every one of us has a gift from God which is so strong that others receive our blessings as we use them. No one has all of the gifts.  Few have very many of the gifts; but every person is amazing to some extent.

Be encouraged.  Yes, personal inventory would insist you and I lack many attributes which others seem to have.  But, many of them lack significant traits that come easy to us.  What we do is pool life together that all would be highly blessed.

We become family when we can assist one another, cover for one another, and cheer each other on.  Every person we know is amazing.  No one has nothing to offer.  No one.

So for today....for today....I encourage you to emphasize the beauty and value which is to be seen in those who surround you.  We live in a privileged time because we get to hob and nob with the elite of our circle...which is every person!

Do not shrink back from life due to what you feel is personal lack.  March right into the work place or the home front with assurance that you have something very valuable to offer. God doesn't make junk.  He creates wonder.  Do not be egocentric; but allow yourself the confidence in the Spirit of God that you are a delightful, important, necessary person who makes a great difference in the lives of others.

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