Wednesday, February 11, 2015


We believe many things.  Of course those things vary....a lot.  Some prefer Fords. Others would not own one.  We understand such opinionated trends.  Often such conclusions have been reached due to experience; if not research.

When it comes to God, however, a pattern is fairly predictable.

We tend to believe what we inherit.

If our parents were church people; so are we.  If not, we are not.  To an extent, the churched tend to continue the family brand-of-theology preference; but not as much as maybe it once indicated.  Being a certain brand of faith once meant the next generation will follow the same style of faith.  Yet, today those of God-interest seem to be more faithful to seeking Him than to attending their family's historical denomination.

What we believe about God (whether to give attention to Him or dismiss Him), usually follows what our parents did.  This part is most disturbing for it could indicate that much of spirituality is honestly nothing more than thoughtless.  For this to be the case--and I believe it is in many instances--it appears man in general is more likely to give attention to cologne preference or sandwich toppings than to adapting a faith in the living God.

Do we not realize that our general perspective about God is inherited rather than researched?  Are we okay with dying while giving our own souls extremely little thought?  Do we not matter to ourselves?

How easy it is to dismiss such points and questions with a grunt or a sneer.  But please don't.  Be obstinate toward me if you like; but don't be that way toward the deepest part of your true self.

Would you consider doing more than inheriting your faith or your non-faith; dependent upon family history?  Believing God isn't for cute children and silly women. It is for grown-ups who are, indeed, quite important.

Please don't waste the most important part of yourself; your eternal soul.  Please.  And, would you consider dropping what you deem as a valid excuse of staying away from God because of all the hypocrites?  What a waste in this well-worn and tired chatter.

Men, women, and children die.  Obituaries validate this fact.  I would urge you to take a serious look at this God who is crazy about you.  He is not a hoax.  Neither is He the demon some of your friends may have made Him out to be.

Consider looking at Jesus.

Notice he was executed because religious people--the very kind you may detest--set him up.  Yet, notice his love for those who simply wanted hope and renewal and life. This man, Jesus, lived and died that we could really have a serious hope beyond the grave.

Please, I don't mean to sound preachery.  Rather I mean to sound neighborly; as in a neighbor who cares for you forever!  You deserve better than living indifferently toward the God who created you in the first place.  Don't you think?

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