Friday, February 13, 2015


I have no idea what percentage of the over 1700 friends I have on FB who are local; Tulsa and surroundings.

I say to each of those that if you don't really have a church home for Easter Sunday, I'm inviting you to this one.  The Memorial Drive Church of Christ;10:30 Sunday morning on Easter at our church at 9th and Memorial in Tulsa.

You'll be welcomed.  Hopefully God will speak to your heart that day to give you perhaps a boost you and your family have needed.

And those who live far away, I applaud your good hearts that you would attend some congregation in your locale to give honor to God.  This is especially the time for those fortunate to have a vibrant church to invite, invite, invite.  Ask them to sit with you so that they won't be alone and feel disconnected.

Easter is that main time of the year that the authentic goodness of man--what we are really made of--shows up in our trek to join other believers. There remains a deeply and honorable embedded faith within the hearts of mankind.  On this one day it seems to take priority over all other routine and schedule.

Jesus arose from the dead with no ax in his hand; but rather tenderness in heart for his beaten and battered creation.  Why would we not be ultra-appreciative?  Thank you for being among the good hearts who will take the time to give God attention on Easter Sunday!

If you would be one who hasn't been to church in a while, I think you will be amazed at the boost you give others because you cared enough to be with them.  People matter....all people.  Bless a church.  Attend.

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