Sunday, January 18, 2015


I get to live the oddest life.  I'm surely not alone in it; but my walk is not according to the do this equation that would make life tick.

My life is weird because of our immeasurable God.

You see, I always thought God was about ritual.  That's what made church so boring.  And church, in my mind, was because of God.  He came in neutral colors with nothing to do but sit in a tall armed chair and looks down over Scotland County Missouri where I grew up as a kid.

He didn't seem to do much except crack some sort of spiritual whip when I/we got out of line.  Life in God was basically about right and wrong.  He wasn't much of a help, I figured.  God for sure was not into fun.

But, I've learned. I've learned over the years that man's mind can't take in the wonder and the beauty of God.  He is exciting, creative, imaginative...and very much rooting for me/us.

God and His system isn't just about what we do know so that we are supposed to do the best we can with it.  No.  The kingdom of God is also very much about what we don't know; what we can't explain, what we can't define.  His blessings and riches for us are, in His words, beyond our imagination.

So?  Go for it!!!!

Life with God in Christ is the most amazing concept to try to behold; yet it is so huge we just can't get our minds around it.  If we could, it wouldn't be of God, would it?

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