Friday, December 26, 2014


Spiritual leadership and followship are up against incredible challenges.  Alphabetical orders, decent and in order procedures, and three point sermons don't/won't/can't begin to approach the fascinating world of the Creator.  Our minds will soon short out if going any other route than wild faith.

To train a populace to go to buildings often on street corners, file in form to sit in aligned rows, and then to pinch, sip, bow, and nod may have trained Christians to behave well; but this has developed a serious lack among us.  A love for pattern has overtaken America.  A commitment to Jesus would come in maybe third?

Believers are to be filled with a knowledge beyond knowing; Eph, 3:19.  We are to possess a gift from Him that He labels as indescribable; II Cor. 9:15.  We are expected to rejoice with a joy inexpressible; I Pet. 1:8.

When we shift from our earthbound how to do church to our heaven-focus how about the glory of God, transformation transcends our hearts from menial to WOW-dom!

Church isn't just a Sunday hour's worth.  It is a living organism of God interacting with His creatures.  Church isn't reduced to good behavior and clean words.  It is a robust system of exhilarating senses and actions that can neither be defined nor measured.

Due to the impossible fact that Jesus arose from the deadness of the grave, we are called to a most fascinating opportunity to live; to robustly, vibrantly, really live!! Christianity has a mistaken reputation of developing the sour faces of many communities.  I say, Not so!  Of all people on earth, we should be the ones with the huge smiles on our faces!!

We can't explain Him.  But, we can believe Him.

Aren't you glad?

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