Thursday, November 06, 2014


Citizens of the holy nation must participate in the human drama.  Much of the church today has withdrawn, seeking refuge on  the high ground.  Our multi-million dollar church complexes surrounded by acres of paved parking lots are as remote and protected as walled medieval fortresses, protected from the swirling waters where most of the sick, hungry, and hurting people are.  So those in need cannot identify with us and will consequently never hear our message.  But imagine what would happen if they see us where they live, as we met them at their point of need.  (Charles Colson)

What makes the church pop is that as we grow in being aligned with the Suffering Servant we find ourselves increasingly in contact with the down and out.  This is where Jesus went and where we are to go.

Be highly encouraged.  Nothing fights our personal emptiness, purposelessness, and depression like standing beside those suffering and sharing in their suffering.  If we want to hit upon an amazing move of life, let us encounter the human drama of others.  We will quickly realize that we would keep our struggles when compared to many of theirs.


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