Sunday, May 04, 2014


Man will always explore faith as if no one has yet visited such a continent.  It isn't that we don't know about it.  It is, however, an element of and for mankind far too large to be managed, filed, and manipulated.  Faith changes all of the control freak's rules.

So God calls us to enter in.  We are to walk by faith and not by sight.

Not sight?  Right.  Sight sums.  Sight determines logical signals.  Sight believes it knows the course.  Faith isn't religious sight.  It is wild, without explanation, and is highly perplexing to the human mind.

Faith doesn't believe in self-skills.  Therefore, it is not up to us to suck it up and dare give an idea a good shot.  No, faith believes in God; His talents, His presence, and His marvelous creativity.

Why faith?

It is the only route man can travel and be connected with God.  We surely can't explain Him.  Neither can we formulate His patterns of productivity.  All we can do---what we can do---what we are called by Him to do is to believe Him.

Sight can lose courage at the vision of threat.  Faith knows God is not scared.  Sight monitors steps.  Faith believes God is multi-directionally skilled to handle any Red Sea occasion.

Why faith?  No one can maneuver through the bushy terrain of distraction and interference except upon that flying carpet of faith.  It transforms threat into peace, exclusion into inclusion, and dilemma into advantage.

Don't leave home without it!

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