Saturday, May 03, 2014


I think it time I write each of you a personal note.

Good morning!

I want you to know how/what/why I think to write what I do each day.

I merely think about you.  Really.

I wonder how you are holding up.  I wonder if you are celebrating or feeling lousy, if you are brimming or beaten, and if you are gaining momentum or flirting with giving up.  I think about you.  You are worth caring for.

And then I think about what creative, life-giving words God would want you to have on that particular day to give you a necessary boost of energy.  So I think about you and what God would say to you.  And...I love it!

Surely I am aware that each of you is different in personality, position, and place. Yet, the Good News has a way of filtering in to where we abide in some form day after day.  This is a sign of both His presence and our receptivity to Him.  We are on the same wave length; the Holy Spirit of God.

I write my blog with you in mind assuming you know many good and fruitful kingdom things; but sometimes you just need to be reminded about your value.  You feel like family to me; church family.  We have our own little Blog Church where we receive messages from the Blog Pulpit in order to be built up to face our Blog Neighbors with words of hope and life!

It seems definite to me that you are one of God's special children with great secrets for the rest of us buried deep within your heart.  Therefore, I urge you to share them. Help us.  Work with us.  Lean into to us so that we can hear even your gentlest whispers of hope.

I am blessed by you.  By faith I know you are there.  The computer calculator says so.  So welcome to the team...this Internet team of reach, of behold, of share, of treasure and of extreme life.  We make a difference only because He so liberally chooses to bless through us.

I write my blog with you in mind because the recipients of this post are dynamic in heart and visionary in drive.  Good for you!  I am proud of who you are!

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