Monday, May 12, 2014


In Jesus we possess new life, abundant life, resurrected life.

For so many years as a man I lived frustrated that life didn't seem to unfold.  It felt stuck.  The same ol' same ol' placed me on a treadmill that caused me to be aware I was certainly moving.  Yet, there was that feeling in the back of my mind that I wasn't making much progress.

After awhile of consistently passing familiar markers with little to show for it, both boredom and little accomplishment began to burden.  An oldie song began to ring in my mind, Is That All There Is?

I think I'm speaking the language of many at this moment.  Trained with strain to pass tests and meet demands, it seems that by Monday morning we can be back at square one to approach a very familiar, and repetitive, checklist.

I urge all to move forward; increase, improve, grow.  God is not done taking us places; places that threat, places that feel foreign, and places that leave us beyond our checklist of comfort.  But be ready.  Be ready for doors to open which will bring great satisfaction to your yearning heart.

God is the author of life and life abundant.  Believe it into existence on your street.

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