Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Okay, so I don't know that my title is actual factual.  It could be an overstatement.  It does, however, draw our attention to a zone I think important.  Living overwhelmed is not a sign that God has fallen asleep at the wheel; nor worse yet, forgotten us.

Something is awry when the Christian neighborhood is all smiles when the roses are blooming; yet is down in the mouth as those who have no God when dejection and interruption hit.  There is a very simple evangelistic tool needed worldwide.  It is called a pleasant face in the presence of unpleasant struggle.

Listen to the sucking of air and sighing in dismay and rolling of the eyes over daily grinds that...well they grind.

I think living in kingdom moments is overwhelming and supposed to be that way.  Our struggle is to volunteer to let God be God.  We want everything to go right.  When we say go right we mean go right.  Otherwise accusations abound as to someone's fault and then whining can arise as if our perplexity is the hot button of the moment.

Think about it. Living overwhelmed is the basic fabric of faith; we can't, He can, and we hope.  From cover to bound cover the Bible presents us with no way Jose accounts.  Man nor woman were close to nearly making challenging things work out.  They were hopeless...and then there was God....every time.

Red Sea foaming, punishing droughts, slashed ears, and dead Son of God....totally and completely overwhelming...and these are merely four episodes.  The way of God is to offer His touch in overwhelming stories.

So sighing isn't Christian.  Neither is crabbing.  Believing the God of impossibilities lives on our streets is a kingdom moment.  Especially in America we are prone to control in the name of responsibility.  We want to exert effort and see things productive form I might add.

Yet the kingdom moments will take our breath away in zones of confusion or interruption or nothing. Loneliness and self-doubt can really set in on the latter.

Ours is the call, however, to never give up.  Ours is the call to believe Him when we have no clue as to the how, the what, the where, nor the when He might show His hand.  All we know is that God has gotten us this far and we will not assume that overwhelming moments are indications He might be either inadequate or pulling away.

If it is overwhelming, it is most likely a kingdom moment.

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