Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Men and women are targeted for beatings.

Whether physical or emotional, numerous ones are tortured by excessive difficulties.  My intent is not to be negative.  Rather, it is to awaken us to two things: (1) if you are not struggling, you can be assured that many around you are, and (2) if you are in turmoil, you can be equally assured that there is benefit embedded in the very things you dread.

Life has a way of not working out on many fronts.  Failure is rampant.  From the poor to the high profile, struggle is exempt from no one....no one.  Yet, in His system, failure is also important.  It leads to dependence upon His hand.

What shall we do?  We can fight.  Or, we can flee.  The alternative that will be productive is to neither fight with others nor run from them.  The workable solution is to submit to those elements which tend to pull us down with a concrete faith in the Living God that He knows how to fix what we can't.

Remember Jesus?  He submitted to the extremely unfair tactics of political and religious leaders.  Maybe it would help you to know that life is unfair for everyone at some place along one's walk.  Circumstances and people can be intensely unfair.

So what shall we do?  Hide?  Complain?  Pout?

We shall be advantaged by every mistreatment.  Jesus was raised from the grave...an unfair treatment of private judgment and public humility.  He was raised.  We are called to live a resurrected life...now.  Not in heaven only.  But, now.

A reason so many cannot find happiness and fruitfulness in life is because we feel we are owed better treatment.  Ever hear of entitlement?  So when matters don't go our way, we wish to file complaint to whoever might listen to our grievance.

Yet, resurrection power thrusts us into an entirely new perspective.  We still hurt, but we are assured our pain has a purpose.  Meaningful struggles are glorious opportunities for His display of, are you kidding me?  
Never give up.  Intentionally watch for marvel in every disruption.  Even when life is unfair, God's children have always been advantaged

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