Sunday, December 08, 2013


Evangelism is a rather churchy word that many in our communities don't appreciate. Neither do many in our churches.  It has taken on an in your face banter that tends to place many of us as disadvantaged before we ever begin to reach.  For those who make this work; good for you.

Regardless, we are called to reach to all who do not know Jesus.  This was one of my biggest fears when studying to become a minister.  To say I was traumatized by the thought is not an exaggeration.  I loved people; but I could not interject my fumbling skill of trying to reach to seekers.  I just could not do it.

One of the reasons I felt so inefficient is I could not read from any I wished to encounter any signal as to their interest.  They moved through their days as usual and I could not figure how evangelism would fit their world.

Something along the way happened.  I don't know when, precisely, nor how. Nevertheless, I learned something about men and women.  Many...many want to know God.  They don't know how to say nor what to say.  People aren't necessarily gonna say.  So you gotta know.  You gotta know what's cooking within the secret recesses of their hearts.  The spiritual issues weigh heavily on their minds; but they haven't taken our evangelism courses to know how to get us started!

Every person you know carries deep and often hidden burdens.  Worry, angst, disappointment, betrayal, and compromise can wear a person's spirit thin.  Every person you know is actively engaged in sin to the depth they cannot fix themselves and they need to know if Anybody could.  We happen to know the Anybody that can.

When trying to reach out, I was so fretful over timing and tone and tools.  Nothing helped me because people aren't gonna say.  So you gotta know....our friends and neighbors are doing their best to look like they have it together on the outside.  Yet, either today or tomorrow or next month their walk is going to take a significant hit.

What shall we do?


Care about all of these so that when the bottom falls out they will recall they have a confidante who would walk through these deep troubles with them.  Not everyone is thinking about being won to Jesus on Tuesday nights between 7:00 and 9:00.

We gotta know that good people hurt in private.  Our role is to communicate our love and friendship; even during their bad days.  When we work at being the light, our friends will know to whom they can draw in time of need.  Our job is to sow the seed and water.  Hopefully, the day will come when these dear ones wanna know.

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