Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Struggle and discouragement refuse to discriminate.  Rich or poor, famous or non, race or creed, both of these emotional elements seek to bully every tribe.  Misery is most definitely not biased.

Therefore, I write to the "poor me-ers" of every community.  Quit it.  Rather awaken to the wonder for everyone has it "pretty good".  Learn to concentrate on blessings for everyone has them in abundance.  If you have one thing going wrong, you have one hundred things going right.

A friend of mine reminds me constantly of that truth.  I had a classmate in high school, Gerald Gooden.  That guy was a solid and steady sort.  He gave his life for our freedom on the battle fields of Viet Nam.  While I have encountered abundant wonderful blessings in my life, Gerald had and has significant impact.

Just this week when tempted to bemoan the probable need for hearing aids, the memory of my friend reminded me that I bet he would have been pleased to live to be sixty-six and to get to wear hearing aids.

Gerald was killed.  I live.  In honor of him and thousands of others, I will do my best to not live in captivity of a thoughtless and griping negative mind.  Neither will I haul myself off to my own incarceration by my pouting and grumbling.  Yes, taxes are high and the economy is in disarray.  Yes, future has concerning factors.

And I think of how Gerald would love to get to pay a higher tax rate and didn't get the privilege.  He didn't get to see automobile prices soar.  My friend never had a good shot at worrying over the state of the union.

I do.  We do.  In honor of Gerald Gooden and the thousands of other brave men and women who died before they hardly got started in life, don't you think we could find reason to celebrate life rather than gnaw it to death with self-centered complaint?

No, misery doesn't love company.

Misery loves an audience.

Concentrating upon the wonders of everyday life is a glory to God.  May we talk it and walk it for life is a spectacular privilege.  And....happiness loves company.

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