Saturday, December 28, 2013


One of the greatest blessings known to man is Truth.

One of the greatest curses known to man is that man would learn three dozen church truths and conclude we now know it all.

We don't.

And...we won't.

Studying the Bible is a fulfilling feat.  While the actual book itself is usually average in thickness, the dimensions of God's deep Spirit within are boundless.  Oh how many times have I heard one say they have read it from cover to cover?  SO?

The SO is to be most respected if we as readers find ourselves tumbling constantly into the increasing and unfathomable riches of Christ.  However, if the SO is to impress others (and ourselves) with our Bible knowledge, we have missed God's point...John 5:39-42

A great threat to mankind (and ourselves) is that we would study the Word only to surmise we know enough of God's truth's to become an authority on its content.  Diametrically, a great wonder to mankind is that this Bible we carry is regarded as a deep well of spiritual food which will not end as we read.

We must avoid growing old in our faith.  II Cor. 4:16-18 would remind us that we are to be new day by day. Bent-out-of-shape grumps who thump our Bibles?  No.  Eager and pliable spirits who yearn to still--after all of these years--to learn what else God has in store?  A Divine Yes!

Do not be afraid to learn something new from God.  Keep the learning embers burning.

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