Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to maintain a Jesus-focused lifestyle?  The fact that such a trek is distraction-laden should serve as a Christian evidence to support the truth of his existence.  We are pushed and pulled to and fro with Martha-like diversions.

A hefty interference to follow the style of Jesus is how quickly common people can irk us.  No wonder the fruit of the Spirit includes patience.  Jesus believed in sinners.  He saw our wonder and our beauty.  We, on the other hand, seem to step out the door with good intentions only to soon slip into our irritation over...um...not so much.  We are so critically picky.

Henri Nouwen warned of this trap when we minister.  But the danger is that instead of becoming free to let the spirit grow, the future minister may entangle himself in the complications of his own assumed competence and use his specialism as an excuse to avoid the much more difficult task of being compassionate.  

He goes on to point out that while Jesus would (and we are to) bring out the best in another, we are in danger of approaching others with a diagnostic eye which will only serve to distance ourselves from those who desperately need our compassion.

When I am Jesus-focused I find myself less critical and cynical.  To voice complaint or innuendo toward another so casually is both a waste as well as stupidly flippant.

I encourage you to be merciful toward me when I indicate I am more than I am.  I am nothing and I prove this to be true day in and day out.  Jesus is not only deserving of attention; he is to be the center of it.

Therefore, do what you can to be Jesus-focused.

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