Thursday, December 05, 2013


To personally get to be a leader in a church is one of the most glorious and exciting positions ever.  I'm crazy about ministry because it keeps me directly connected to God and to others.  For me, life has meaning and purpose.  God has transformed my intentions and goals.  Even with all of my questions and concerns, I love right now.

Yet, there are enormous challenges.  Faith is driven by flexibility; the very thing earth-bound church people tend to fight.  Thus, a problem presents itself square in our faces.  Will churches have the courage to follow His invisible Spirit or will we succumb to the best skills of man-restricted theology?

This question, I believe, calls for us to perpetually evaluate and re-evaluate our directions.  Is God leading the way or have we, rather, programmed those who joined us to think within our religious parameters?

It is no secret that earth is populated with a mass of good people who stay away from churches while approximately one million per year are leaving.  I and many others wish to close this back door to our churches.  I want to be with these people in knowing and loving and worshiping the Living God.

I'm too little to know the solution.  However, I still possess the ambition to imagine, to wonder, and to try to lean into God as to what we might do.

I believe people are looking for the supernatural processes God would love for us to experience....and they cannot find such in church.  We churchers tend to speak down regarding those who leave us as if they are a rebellious sort.  In a way they are for they are not finding God in our spaces; but are finding man's organized approach which, to be honest, can in places represent more deadening effect than life potential.

In some churches the thought is that we wish the world would come and sit with us on Sundays.  Yet, I believe those who have done so and are leaving are not leaving mad. They are leaving hungry.  These may be wanting to experience life; not dull church.  I'm not guessing here.  I know so.

So what shall we in churches do?

Draw to Jesus.  Think about Jesus.  Awaken to resurrection power for the believer today.  Don't put in your time hoping to die and go to heaven; but rather live in a way that calls heaven to join your earthly walk. Develop a faith that can believe that what isn't can become.

Finally, I would believe that we must be ever open to coming more alive in our praise and worship of God. Such isn't a Sunday morning thing only; but it would be a good start.

Checklist church is dying.  Robust fusion of heart and Spirit is our call.  May we get there...together.

Down on church?  Nope.  I love it.  I'm up on the possibility that we might grow in becoming a city set on a hill and all are drawing to us draw others; not moving away.

What a possibility!!!

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