Sunday, November 17, 2013


I love right now.  Yes, my younger years had younger energy, less pounds, and more hair.  Yes, earlier days of childhood and then adulthood continue to fill my memory bank with awesome stories.  However, I am determined to like every right now that I can note.

Not everyone likes right now.  These tend to live hesitant as a they shrink back from the moment.  These are usually afraid; obsessed they will do something or get something wrong.  The very act of fear is usually that wrong they fear most.

I have learned from watching Jesus, and watching those biblical characters who followed him, and those in my time who strive to mimic him, that hesitancy is a church train wreck.  Earth's population is in dire need of hearing about this amazing man named Jesus.  Yet, the bulk of church memberships hide from going public with the Best News.

Why is fear so strong among us?

I believe there is one major fact that drives the church in general; our people are fearful of looking foolish.  If we can bring resolve to this congregational lack, a new world will open for the saved as well as the lost.

I speak from experience.  Oh how I wanted to teach and reach the entire world.  I would pray that God would let me.  Yet, I couldn't conduct a Bible study with anyone for fear I would be asked a question that I didn't know the answer.  To resolve my fear of potentially looking foolish, I just wouldn't set up any studies.

Through significant reluctance combined with intense pressure, I finally dared to walk out on the waters where I feared I would sink; but so wanted to be used by Him to reach lovely people.  As I went, He seemed to go with me and grow with me.

Confidence in myself never made it to first base.  Confidence in the Holy Spirit of God changed everything!!!

I'm not afraid to invite, to visit, to jump in with full awareness of how very little I know.  This is all possible because Jesus is the one running this ship and not me.

We are living at the right time at the right place.  It is called NOW.  I urge, beg, push and pull, that you would move out in faith that God can use you when you know there are others out there who could be much more efficient.  Dare to walk on the water of potential and possibility.

When you begin to sink, as I have done so many times, never fear.  Jesus has arms outstretched to both lift you and walk you back to the office where you can catch your breath before you go fishing again...soon.

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