Friday, November 01, 2013


Fear is a major disorder.  It is the most ancient flaw of man for it is the one that began in the Garden. Therefore we will do well to pay attention to its strength and its evil intent.

The ambitious especially suffer from fear.  The nonchalant and indifferent seem not to care.  Those who strive to accomplish notice its immediate threat for fear talks one down.  It reduces possibility to maybe.

I know fear.  Insecurity feeds upon it.  Distrust, confusion, and perpetual hesitation graze on it.

The good news is that it can be broken!

Love conquers fear.  Misplaced love, though, invites it.  When we love God and others more than targeting ourselves with self-centeredness, life becomes a wholly new terrain.  The solution to breaking the back of fear is not bravery; it is love for God and for others.

Fear dies when we aren't concerned about our image.  I groomed my wishful image; but could never get it to be the way I wanted.  Fear had a heyday with that mental mistake.

Today I live in a very unique and wonderful new world.  Yes, I wish I were more handsome and better educated, etc.  Yes, I wish I were more than me.  The good news is that God has given me training in learning to say Thank you rather than I want or I need or I have to have to be effective.

When we grow in thankfulness, fear shrinks back.  When we grow in concern over others' pains and disappointments without attention to self, fear slinks from the scene.  Trusting God when you cannot possibly figure nor estimate just how He will get matters handled simply sends fear on its crawling way.

I encourage you that right now is one of the very best times in life.  Listen to all of the negative reports.  Do not deny that many things are bad.  Yet be confident to stand up to the blatant stranglehold of fear by placing full and confident concentration upon the powers of our living God.

Jesus was never one time baffled because he kept looking at Father.

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