Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I will forever be learning to follow Jesus.  At this moment I assume to be decades behind where He would expect me to be.  I am little, weak, and most shallow.

Jesus is a different sort.  He is not the Sunday School flannel-graph Jesus who inserted his teaching amidst cookies and Kool-Aid.  He is not the one who lived as the nicest guy on the block for one doesn't crucify any who set out to just be nice to everyone.

No.  Jesus disrupted that which means so much to so many; their religion.  You can mess with a lot of things in the community; but don't touch a Conservative's religious perspective.  It just wont' fly!

Thomas a Kempis reminds of us of Jesus' backwardness toward humanity.  He says that Jesus has many lovers of the Kingdom, but few  bearers of the Cross.  Many seek his consolation while only a hand full walk the path of tribulation.  The giddy seek his miracles; yet they pale at the pathway of walk of shame.

I tend to want to pay my bills and be liked by all.  That's almost a prerogative of man.  Jesus, however, upsets the glaring self in all of this.  The Kingdom of God is full of treachery and risk filled with a powerful destiny of sheer and harsh rejection.  Many are called.  Few endure.  

Jesus is the one whom we simply must get better at following.  I can't do this well.  Thank you, each of you, who have taken a great amount of time to try to help me.  Maybe together we can get better at this.

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