Friday, June 07, 2013


Hall of Fame football player Deacon Jones died over the weekend at age 74.  Champion swimmer/actress Esther Williams died this week at age 91.  So it is with you and me.  Ours is the same earthly destiny.  It isn't THE END; rather it is the end of this earth-time.

Do we take life so unseriously that our basic shallow goal is to finish life in the black?  Is it our main thrust to see that we wrap it up here with the combination of being appreciated by a few of our peers while crossing the finish line with a few bucks left in the bank?

Life this time around is coming to a close.  I say speed it up! 

Speed up the risk-taking.  Jump in anticipation of what we can get done; who we can encourage.  Don't slow down with age; but hurry up the aggressive outreach to the poor.  Fire up--not cool off--the imagination of what can be done.

One of my occasional prayers to God is show me things, God, that we don't yet get.  And, then He does.

Our goal isn't to die in the black.  Our goal is to live while we live with the assurance we will breeze through death to regain more living!  Don't end life in a tie.  Break death's barriers.  Don't let death impose a tax of digression but allow its threat to awaken us to live as robustly as possible.

The church...we have fallen asleep being and doing everything right.  Could we possibly awaken to seek yet our higher potential embedded in the resurrected Jesus? 

Ah, that would make an impact!

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