Saturday, June 08, 2013


Jack Buck would say he was he luckiest man he ever met. 


That would be me!

I live in Seventh Heaven....right now!

How can we drink of the Spirit without feeling we are going to drown in wonder? 

How can this be?

Yes, there are troubles, sins, concerns, and many unanswered questions.  All mine.  I haven't even gotten to you, yet.  Simultaneously, we live in the riches of Jesus.  Abundance is ours.  Worship from minute to moment is our opportunity.  Choosing to think on the true, the honorable, the right, the excellent; all these are to saturate our minds in absolute wonder! and me...we live in Seventh Heaven NOW!

I have been at my labor of ministry for a long time now.  I assumed it would fade in interest and in steam as age increased.  Not!  I am so out-of-my-mind excited to get to hear what God says through me tomorrow that I feel right now like a kid waiting on Christmas to get here tomorrow!  I have no respect for me as the messenger (truly).  It isn't that.  I cannot wait to hear how God finally comes through tomorrow as what He has given me thus far, I can hardly contain.

He is right.  We do not grow old in Him.  We grow by day.

Seventh Heaven is overjoy, elation, delight, euphoric, and jubilant!  Seventh Heaven is that extreme of extremes mankind poses as above-the-above over-the-top wow!

Jump in!

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