Friday, April 26, 2013


THE STORY is a resounding W-O-W !

This thirty-one week scenario reaches its conclusion at Memorial Drive Sunday. Sunday's topic, of course, is on Revelation.  I can hardly wait.

I rank the experience of The Story with the same magnitude of being converted in 1970, attending my first Soul Winning Workshop in '75, and discovering the personally active Holy Spirit in the mid-80s.

Because I can't explain the over-joy of this walk Memorial Drive has encountered these past 7 1/2 months, let such be an indication of its impact.  Our team of Shon Kendall, Shane Coffman, and Jason Thornton put together a powerful Creative Team to take us through this walk.  They never misstepped. 

Never before have I been so anticipationally eager to attend a Wednesday night session.  Would you know why?  Because we never knew what the Creative Team would do "this week".  I couldn't wait to get here to find out.

This showed me something not necessarily intended from The Story.  And yet, maybe it was.  We have allowed our gatherings to be lulled to sleep by the routine.  If God is anything, He is not predictable.

I would encourage you to dive into The Story.  Be faithful to it by being imaginarily creative.  Watch for God.  He will show up for HIS IS THE STORY.

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