Thursday, April 25, 2013


It was rehearsed to me once again by a preacher that following God is the simplest of simple.  All you've got to do is hear, believe, repent, confess, and be baptized.  When you've got that, you've got everything. 


While our people can recite that first sentence in our sleep, that isn't all there is to the Christian faith.  In actuality, though, I believe many among us have concluded such as absolute truth.  I think so because that's what I believed for a minister.

So what is it that is missing?

The lack of fruit of this approach runs consistent.  What seems to be missing is:
  1. Jesus.
  2. A deep sense to engage in intimate worship of God.
  3. Bible study.
  4. The Holy Spirit.
  5. Evangelistic ambition.
  6. Assurance of a grace and mercy loaded salvation.
  7. Prayer.
  8. Unity.
  9. Love of God and love of others.
  10. Righteousness of Jesus
The list could go on and on.

While the whole world surely does need to get to hear of these five portions included in the salvation process, the church is failing to attract these very same due to her general lethargy toward the above ten listed.  This charge is not true across the board of all preachers and congregations.  It is true among those who seem to be dying.

When the church awakens to our need for God, I believe the world will follow us in step.  Souls are lost and hurting.  They are looking for meaningful life.  We are the very people who should be displaying it.

To toss a rote plan toward the needy is deadening if the vibrancy of Jesus, the engagement of the Holy Spirit, and driven worship of the Father are not center stage. 

To adjust will take humility on our part. 

What has been rehearsed as that's all you've got to know may pacify the shallow evangelist; but its fruit is that we have many who got wet at baptism, but did not find themselves born again. 

The five steps eventually became nothing more than a rote Church of Christ god.

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