Saturday, February 23, 2013


Francis Chan is coming to Tulsa!

There is much workshop buzz due to his pending arrival. 

What makes this man so endearing?  He authentically loves God and people.  While
quite popular and wonderfully funny, Francis effectively leads with a ferocious heart for the lost.

He cares.

A matter that has impressed me over the years is that he is as strong at critiquing and adjusting himself as he is driven to reach to others.  It is my conviction, simply from observation's tower, that Francis Chan sees himself first as the chiefest of sinners saved by the immeasurable love of Jesus.

The fire within him cannot be self-constructed.  I love to place before our Tulsa Workshop crowds those individuals who are in the daily process of dying to self that the resurrected Spirit of Jesus might show up.

Francis Chan will awaken and arouse hearts of church leaders to a momentum building awe like that experienced in Acts.  Welcome to Tulsa Francis Chan!  And welcome, as well, you readers.  Twenty-five more sleeps til the wonder of the Tulsa Workshop hits our hungry hearts!

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Terry Laudett said...

Francis Chan is one of my favorite authors.