Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It's workshop time!

The workshop is a deep part of my walk.  I felt called in 1977 to be a part of the Memorial Drive team, in part, due to the terrific workshop.  I had been praying for months in Quincy, IL. for God to help me reach the ENTIRE WORLD.  The only catch was that I thought He understood I meant from Quincy; a place I still love so very much.

This year is one of the most exciting ever....and all have been exciting to me.  Over 50 speakers will participate during six hours of classes daily.  Booths will be upgraded in both number and content.  This will be a Wow Year!

The addition of Francis Chan to the line-up has spurred incredible new interest as well as strong renewal.  People are coming to Tulsa.  And...Tulsans (cross-denominationally) are coming to the workshop.

Booth sales are up.  Hotels reservations are up.  Workshop energy is up.

Me?  I'm the luckiest man I ever met!


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Anonymous said...

Can' wait! We will be there. Joe & Becky