Monday, February 18, 2013


Henri Nouwen makes an astute observation when he writes, Children, adolescents, adults and old people are in growing degree exposed to the contagious disease of loneliness in a world in which a competitive individualism tries to reconcile itself with a culture that speaks about togetherness, unity and community as the ideals to strive for.

Loneliness.  I have never forgotten Landon Saunders' statement in 1979 that the average person has not one close friend.  I was shocked; tempted to doubt.  Yet, as I work through the rubble of the injured, this appears to be accurate. 

Those of us with countless friends can hardly take this in.

Wasn't there a book in the 70s titled, Crowded Churches and Lonely Pews?

In our awareness to connect and reach to communities, may we be aware that one of the first places to look is upon all the trees where the Zacchaeus-like children, singles, moms/dads, divorcees and old people sit wishing to get a glimpse of somebody in the daily parade who might notice them.

The world gets more populated.  Media increases its volume.  Do not be fooled by believing loneliness is being eradicated.  It is ramping up its power.

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DarrelM said...

Some of the most lonely places in the world are in leadership roles.

Satan knows this and it is fertile ground for his work.