Monday, February 04, 2013


The Truth.

Such a phrase can mean different strokes to different folks.  It can mean release from false accusations.  It could mean clarification.  And, for some, it could mean a dread for tradition has been labeled as Truth.

In this case, I simply draw your attention to your day; the goodness of it and the joy of it.

Focus on how life is really going; not upon the negative things which would distract.

If you have a broken arm, how many limbs are not broken?  Three.  Are you going to let 25% of your limb-power have your utmost attention?

If your car won't start today, that would be how many days out of the last 241? 

If a harsh word is spoken your direction, compare it to the 8,673 pleasant ones.

If you hear of a bad report, did you remember to thank God that you still have your hearing?

If you owe taxes, do you realize that could only happen if you have an income?

How is your life going?  When you focus upon the Truth, it is going a lot better than it is worse.

Then....think on the right and the excellent and all those things worthy of your attention...Phil. 4:4-9.

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