Monday, December 10, 2012


Ernest Hemingway said, The world breaks everyone and afterwards many are strong in the broken places.

A thing I love about watching Jesus is his obsession and commitment to those who were so very broken.  The lame, the blind, the imprisoned; he was devoted to bringing new life to each.

We must not be surprised at the constant struggle in our midst.  Rather, we must transform the very things we would have once resisted as unbelievers into opportunities for kingdom life since we are believers.  God loves the broken and offers healing of some nature.

Shatterizations do not stop the servant of God.  We maximize their value.

Twenty years ago my daughter's fiance and his brother were brutally murdered.  It was a numbing experience to walk through the next weeks and months.  Yet, a strange sensation overcame me even at the murder scene.  I knew for certain the church at Memorial would be blessed.

I can't tell you how nor can I explain why.  But I knew.  I knew God would not take the back seat to darkness.

I was right.  This congregation had just experienced in a matter of weeks before a deeply wounding split.  What God did to draw those remaining was of incredible and inseparable measure.  Even when things go all wrong, His nature is to cause things to go all right...Romans 8:28.

He--not we--knows how to deal with our painful terrain.  Let Him.  We will then be strong...even in the broken places.

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Unknown said...

I thought you and Wendy today, remembering what happened. God never wastes a hurt and He has used both of you in incredible ways because you chose to walk through the fire and trust Him.