Sunday, December 09, 2012


Daniel Bray has left a new comment on your post "CHURCH OF CHRIST OR CHURCH OF PHARISEES?":

I cant believe you hummed along to a Christian Music song, c you in Hell!!
In Australia I m told by those with direct phone lines to God himself that there are only 2000 saved people in the whole country.
Thats 2000 out of 20 milliion. That 2000 people represents the number of people who attend non instrumental COC in Australia.
Church of Christ is top heavy on doctrine and law but rather light on mercy, compassion and LOVE.
In JUDE 1 verse 8-9 we are given an example on judging people in a damning sense, even Michael the acrhangel didnt condemn the devil to hell but rather said the Lord rebuke you. All these COC preachers seem to know the who and who not of heaven, are they greater then the ArchAngel Michael?
I don't know if I've ever met Daniel Bray.  Most likely not.

His note says many things; things about me, things about him, and things about us.  Mainly, since he made it for public use as a comment to another blog, I wish to point to Daniel's apparent irritation with me/us.

We must continue to grow in the gracious Spirit of Jesus that we not inadvertently lose souls by our arrogance or our ignorance.  Daniel makes a significant move pointing me to be careful in my judgment of others.  Such insight is always correct. 

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