Saturday, December 01, 2012


Can you imagine an eagle without wings?  It would eat, sleep, and walk.  It could communicate.  It could interact with any and all grounded eagles.  Eagle would be its true name.  Yet, it could not do what it was designed by God to do best; that is to soar.  The name would be accurate; but the behavior would be quite reduced.

So it is with the named Church of Christ.  Some vocal and influential someones of our past taught in such a way that our people were born again with out wings....without the wings of the Holy Spirit.  Such a church talks the talk and walks the walk; yet has no way of soaring as was His intended design for us.

Those with the name are desperate to be given back their wings.  There is proper and biblical rebellion taking place that will not be stopped.  The study of the Holy Spirit and the belief in His activity within and among us is gaining momentum.

Those church eagles without Spirit wings have one basic call in life.  They sit in birdhouses and chirp against those who wonder if possibly they could fly.  Brows are raised in smugness of knowing all about the Holy Spirit when, in truth, we are just entering (but very free to enter) into the slightest of understanding of Him.

What I really like about the subject of the Spirit of God is that He is of the Truth.  Those in the church-nest who have no wings--I speak from experience of my own wing-lessness at early point--have been told to reach Truth and then guard it as if it might escape.  These nesters are bent on one thing....preserving the Truth.

However, Truth is always truth when it expands.  Truth can never be Truth if it isn't expanding.  William Barclay penned over a  half of a century ago, To the Christian thinker there is open the glorious adventure of following the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  All life is an unfolding.  Love is not the same thing to the infant in his mother's arms, the young child, the teen-ager, the newly married couple, those who have gone down the road of the years past many milestones together, the one who is left when the other has gone from this earth.  No truth is static, least of all God's truth.  If we believe in the Holy Spirit, we shall be saved from intolerance, from arrogance, and from servitude to the dogmas of men.

We are to desire to soar with wings like eagles.  We are called to a level of life which operates from newness of the Spirit and not static fear of the demanding Letter.  The good news is that it is the Word of God which verifies these things; not dogmas of eagles with no wings.

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Bobby Smith said...

HAHA! Amazing! Well said Friend! I almost stood up and clapped in my office after I read it!