Friday, August 10, 2012


This, one more time, won't make me look so good.  However, I want those who spend significant amounts of time depressed to have legitimate hope.

Depression would probably be the diagnostic ruling.  I would call it bummed.

To those of us who suffer from insecurity, being down is not a rare occasion; but rather a daily routine.  My early years of this rough experience assumed it was due to other people or present circumstances.  If one or both of those would change, I figured life would ease.


Not because such was not the issue.  My spiritual, mental, and emotional approach were.

Bummed is not an enemy.  It is a test.

The test is not about behavior of others; but rather it is about our faith-level in Jesus.  Can he deliver?  Will he rescue?  Would he do so for me?

When someone or something ushers in an ill reaction toward us, we will do well to receive such an arrow with the wise backing of Jesus.  He not only knows the way.  He is the way.

We need not be flustered nor discouraged over any situation.  We can be cheered that this will not only not get us down.  We will, rather, use the very thing intended to zing us to be used as kindling to create a wildfire of outlandish hope!

Bummed is a test; only a see how creative God would be within and for us to make a brand new batch of lemonade.

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