Saturday, June 16, 2012


God ruins human perception of the ordinary the best way possible, I need to add.

I have preached for years that God is a Yes; that we are blessed in the good days and are having good days in the bad (II Cor. 1:18-20 and Rom. 5:1-5).

This has surely been a week of Yes and good days in the bad.

John Chapel died Monday; my daughter's father-in-law and my good friend who was a member at Memorial.  The funeral is scheduled this morning at 11:00 right after a dress wedding rehearsal of a special couple at 9:00 for the actual event at 6:00 tonight. 

And then Wednesday evening Mary turned deathly ill and I took her to the ER early Thursday morning.  That afternoon I checked with mom some 500 miles away as to her doctor's visit.  She was told she has a brain tumor.  More appointments are ahead.

Mary has gone through a battery of tests.  One yesterday was incomplete so she will take it over this morning with hopes of being dismissed soon.

So how shall I look at this week?  It is complete Yes.  Everything is noted by God.  Circumstances do not determine how our days are going.  Yes, tears.  Yes, concern.  Yes, heart goes out so many directions. 

No to worry.  No to fret.  No to discouragement. 

The body of Christ lives in constant conquering state; so says Rom. 8:37-39.  Do we slip into defeat?  At times we take our turns.  But victory isn't based upon our performance but His....and that doggone grave is still empty! 

We, church, get to live in the victory of even defeat!  As we hide in Jesus, we win in life!

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