Sunday, June 17, 2012


Father's Day is a wonderful day of celebration for many; but just as many experience it as a day of sadness for the man in their home either neglected or bailed on the family.

Today is a reminder for several of the biggest man in their world; dad.  Those giant men embraced victory in heroic manner while providing every need for child.  Love abounded and childhood thrived upon the Dad-icon of the home.

For those who even had dads at home....congratulations.

My baseball hero, Curt Flood, told me that most of the black men are incarcerated in prisons.  If you've ever visited a state prison, isn't it stunning to note the thousands of prisoners which verify Curt's statement?  I know this to be true and, yet, still find myself shocked as such a sight upon my next visit.

Society--our society--continues to be in need of fathers.  The men are glaringly absent.

So I say to those of you who are dads, thank you for being such.  Too, don't take your role for granted.  Many an adult suffers today because they did not have a man around to disciple them in life's ups and downs. 

Be a good dad.  Be an attentive one.  And go through life realizing you are truly needed.  Don't take your role lightly.  You are of the utmost importance. 

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