Monday, June 25, 2012


Our walk with God seems to be a constant combination of joy and challenge.  Joy plays a major role, I believe, in evangelism.  On any Sunday at any assembly one of the best things a congregation can do to reach toward the hearts of seekers is to have faces that appear content, hopeful, and happy.

The challenge element affects all as well.  We must be a persistent sort to make adjustment to the new nature Jesus would impart into our inner being.  Not to judge.  Open to generosity.  Appealing to sinners.  Refraining from depression. 

These and so many others challenge us to stay alert in the Christian walk.

Laziness is a natural terrain for the mind and heart get beaten down or tired or bored.  We must make accented effort to arise in the new day to a new call for a new life...that comes from His will for our walk.

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