Friday, March 16, 2012


Classes, booths, speakers, and friends galore....the Tulsa Workshop is just five sleeps away.


The good old standbys mixed with some rookie names on the speaker roster will fill the hearts and minds of a myriad of thirsty workers of the kingdom. We will laugh, cry, sing, and applaud the God-experience of varying moods among us.

Mark it down, one display will be a home run of sorts when the WKPCs file onto the stage Friday night to sing their little hearts out. Brenda Hughes is the Workshop Kids Praise Chorus director and she is one top-notch talent; ideal for children to build confidence as they serve beside us.

The future of world evangelism, as well as experiential faith, is buried within our young. Events like the WKPCs participation serves to embed within their tender hearts the truth that being involved in the church is refreshingly alive!

Whether Marvin or Patrick or Sally or Jeff are those whom you travel to hear, brace yourself! When the WKPC group fires will applaud the God of all children!

Come on!

Join us in Tulsa....March 21-24!

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